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How to protect your data from scammers – Source

Online holiday shopping is expected to reach a peak of $910 billion in 2021—a cybercriminal’s jackpot after a record-breaking year of cybersecurity breaches like Colonial Pipeline and Kaseya. 

Shoppers overwhelmed by stress, and retailers distracted by supply chain challenges and staffing shortages will undoubtedly be more susceptible to phishing attempts and other social engineering attacks this year.

Cybercriminals don’t take time off—and neither should your cybersecurity measures. Individual shoppers and business leaders must stay alert and proactive to protect themselves—now—before it’s too late. 

Here are six ways to protect your data now and in the future.

Beware of phishing scams

Phishing attempts can range from unsolicited emails posing as charitable organizations to bogus package delivery confirmations. People naturally expect to receive a lot of packages during the holiday season and hackers take advantage of this by pretending to be companies like FedEx, UPS,…

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