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How to run Android apps on a Windows PC – Source

Running Android apps inside Windows 11 is now just about as simple as running apps on your phone.

Microsoft and Amazon have teamed up to make thousands of Amazon-curated Android apps and games available to run just like stand-alone programs in Windows 11.

In its current form, this feature is labeled as a preview, which grants a little leeway for crashes, bugs, and rough edges, should they pop up here and there. I’ve used it for a bit, and the potential is definitely there.

I do believe it’ll get even better. And if you’re looking for a more fully featured Android experience, and you’re willing to put in a little bit of work to get it set up, stick around until the end of this article—I’ll tell you about another option called BlueStacks.

Microsoft’s solution is as easy as it gets at the moment, though. Here’s how to get started.

Fire up the Microsoft Store

You’re going to need to open the Microsoft Store to then download the Amazon Appstore, which is slightly…

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