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How to set work-from-home boundaries – Source

With the sudden imposition of remote work, coupled with the potential for partners, housemates, children, and parents to also be in isolation, you need to be able to set the same kind of boundaries that home workers have defined for decades.

If we learned anything from the best video of a few years ago, when a man Skyping in to the BBC to speak on important international issues had his young daughter dance in behind him—followed by a baby . . . followed by his partner . . . followed by their chaotic exit—it’s that you need to figure out how to retain an air of professionalism, even if everything is in shambles around you.

People generally understand if you’re working from home, things can go wrong—especially at the moment, when so many people have never been regular telecommuters before.

In this excerpt, consider how to set a working “mode,” think about dealing with interruptions and family or housemate needs, and working alongside others who have already been working…

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