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How to speed up Google’s Chrome browser when it’s slow – Source

When’s the last time you used a Windows PC or Mac without launching a web browser? Sure, there are still some old-school, offline apps like Microsoft Word and Photoshop. But today the bulk of our computing happens inside the browser–be it emailing, chatting, surfing social media, watching videos, or listening to music. For many of us, browser-based apps such as Google Docs and Sheets have even taken over for traditional productivity software like Microsoft Office.

Essentially, the browser has become the operating system for online computing. And for most people, that browser is Google Chrome, which has nearly 70% market share on desktops and laptops. If Chrome bogs down, the whole computing experience suffers. I scoured the web for some of the best tips, including some very handy browser extensions, that help Chrome run better. I also spoke with Max Christoff, engineering director for Chrome at Google, to get his insider advice for how to keep Chrome lean and limber. These tips…

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