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How to to make websites and apps more accessible – Source

Despite the fact that one in four U.S. adults live with some type of disability, less than 2% of the world’s top 1 million websites provide fully accessible user experiences. 

We’re seeing a rise in the number of U.S. lawsuits over digital accessibility, but solving the problem is about more than avoiding legal consequences. Developing websites and mobile apps with people of all abilities in mind enables more individuals to use those products and creates a more inclusive digital landscape. 

8 steps to creating an accessible digital space

The pressure to create accessible digital spaces is greater than ever and it’s not just for people with permanent disabilities. Imagine using your phone outside on a sunny day and struggling to see low contrast elements on the screen clearly. Or think about how difficult it would be to navigate with a mouse if you recently underwent surgery on your wrist. 

Accessible content is critical in providing experiences that work for all users,…

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