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How to video chat through your TV on Zoom and Google Meet – Source

While video chat is no replacement for in-person interaction, sometimes it’s the best you can do.

I’ve never loved chatting through tiny screens, though. It just feels so distant to hunch over a phone or laptop, staring at a considerably shrunken version of whoever I’m talking with. That’s why it’s nice to conduct video calling through your TV instead. When there’s a life-size person on the other end, it helps conversations feel more lifelike.

This does require a bit of hardware that you might not have already, but now that video calling has become an accepted way to chat from afar, the extra pieces might be a worthy investment. Here are seven different ways you can get set up for video chat on the television:

Fire TV and Zoom

With Amazon’s second-generation Fire TV Cube and a USB webcam, you can turn your TV into a big screen for Zoom calls. The webcam provides the video, while the Cube’s built-in microphone array picks up the audio. (Amazon’s new Fire TV Omni…

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