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How video game giants predicted the future of gaming in 2004 – Source

Eighteen years ago, gamers still had a PlayStation 2 in their living rooms. The Xbox 360 was still being referred to as Xbox Next. And the Wii was called by its codename: the Nintendo Revolution. We didn’t realize we were on the precipice of a tidal shift in gaming, where the number of people playing games would expand exponentially – and there was certainly no way to predict what would be happening today.

That didn’t stop a handful of brave developers from giving it a shot, though. It was 2004, I was working at CNN, and I put the question before a variety of high-profile developers and executives at the time: What would game systems be like in the year 2025?

We’re not quite there, of course, but we’re close enough to get an idea of the level of their psychic powers. So, how’d they do? In general, it turns out, really well.

Of course, not everyone’s predictions panned out. Yuji Naka, creator of Sega’s Sonic series, for example, said he imagined the industry developing…

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