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Why re-onboarding your workers may be just what your company needs – Source

We’ve all been through the onboarding process at a new job—some of us more often than others. For those who have been with the same company for a while, many things may have changed since that original “getting to know you” process. This is where re-onboarding can accomplish three goals:

  1. Shape employees’ understanding of how the company has evolved
  2. Help teammates get a complete understanding of our business achievements
  3. Lay out the major goals and obstacles on the horizon

While a solution to integrate newcomers can be straightforward, we at TheSoul Publishing struggled with getting current employees to this same level of engagement and up-to-date knowledge—especially since we’ve made significant changes in overall processes, production optimization, and tools to promote a remote-first culture. A re-onboarding program allows existing employees to become more ingrained in a company’s evolving culture while establishing a mutual understanding of how it is applied to…

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