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Intel CEO has an audacious $43.5B plan to revive the troubled chipmake – Source

One year ago, Pat Gelsinger gave up his Mac.

As Gelsinger explained to me, when Apple adopted Intel’s processors for its computers back in 2005, he “flipped from being a PC guy to a Mac guy,” Now Apple was transitioning away from Intel chips in favor of ones it designed itself—and Gelsinger was Intel’s new CEO. Becoming a PC guy again was not a matter of choice.

There was a certain symbolism to his platform switch, but it was just minor fallout from one of several major setbacks that the 54-year-old chipmaker suffered during the tenure of its previous CEO, Bob Swan, who led the company for less than three years. As Gelsinger wrapped up his first week on the job and settled into his home office’s new computing setup, we were chatting via Microsoft Teams in the first of multiple conversations we’d have during his first year as CEO.

For a long time, Intel would have been a leading candidate for any list of the tech companies least likely to run into serious trouble. In…

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