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I’m a trans woman. Google Photos doesn’t know how to categorize me – Source

There are two people on my phone screen. At least, I think there are two people; Google isn’t quite so sure. And neither is any other system in the world. Both of them have the same social security number, the same home address, the same parents. But not a single person would say they look the same. At most, they would see siblings or perhaps cousins, related certainly but clearly of different genders.

This is the problem: I’m a transgender woman and I took both of these photos of myself, one before I transitioned and one after. The world is full of traps like this for me, whether it’s the bouncer who looks at my driver’s license and demands a second ID before letting me into the bar, or the unchangeable email address that uses an old name. Trans people are constantly having to reckon with the fact that the…

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