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Inside Pinterest’s innovation lab and the future of video shopping – Source

Earlier this month when Pinterest launched Pinterest TV—a new, live video feature on the site where top creators have begun posting shoppable videos walking their followers through beauty routines and holiday cocktail recipes—the videos all shared a certain aesthetic and tone: breezy, instructional, and upbeat. This was by design. “We make sure the content is inspirational, it’s positive,” says Pinterest executive David Temple. “It’s the kind of content you come to Pinterest expecting.” 

In other words, Pinterest TV is not a free-for-all repository of videos like, say, YouTube or TikTok, neither of which Temple names when, by point of contrast, he refers to other video platforms where “you can go spouting off whatever conspiracy theory or political theory” or throw up a “picture of kids you have. That’s great. But Pinterest has a different mission and we wanted to build our product differently.”

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To ensure this uniformity,…

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