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Notion vs. Microsoft Office and Google Docs – Source

Notion has a secret weapon against Microsoft and Google in its attempt to build the document editor of the future.

As Notion’s style of free-flowing, interlinked documents has taken off—the app now has more than 20 million active users—both tech giants seem to have taken notice. Microsoft recently announced Loop, a Notion-style editor that integrates with Word and Excel. Google, meanwhile, has been making Docs more like Notion with interactive checkboxes, custom templates, and easier linking between documents.

To fight back, Notion is now leaning on its community of fervent users, who share and sometimes even sell templates that make the app more useful. Those templates can instantly transform Notion from a simple document editor or to-do list app into a habit tracker, project planner, reading list, study system, and more.

[Image: courtesy of Notion]

This week, Notion is revamping its built-in template gallery to underscore how extensible the software can be. Users can now…

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