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iOS 14 leak reveals details, Sensor Tower used apps to secretly grab data The coronavirus impact: Here's how COVID-19 has affected the tech industry Twitter users duped by fake account that falsely claimed Daniel Radcliffe has coronavirus Uber's self-driving cars to cruise San Francisco streets once again Microsoft to stream a talk on Xbox Series X and project xCloud March 18 Silicon Valley is effectively on lockdown over coronavirus Coronavirus outbreak: How CNET is keeping you informed Amazon selling cashier-less tech, Dorsey to remain Twitter CEO Facebook sued by Australian privacy watchdog over Cambridge Analytica scandal Jack Dorsey to remain Twitter CEO after all Nintendo PlayStation sells big, SpaceX Dragon's final flight International Women's Day: Tech VIPs on how to thrive in the digital world – Source CNET Tech

Today’s major tech headlines include new Apple product details revealed in an iOS 14 leak, Sensor Tower’s use of apps to secretly grab user data and OnePlus’ CEO on 5G.

The global tech industry is being rattled by the virus, as conferences are canceled and Apple and Microsoft warn investors.

Don’t believe everything you read on social media.

They’re in full autonomous mode, but come with safety operators and will only drive during daylight hours. The caution comes after a fatal self-driving crash in Arizona in 2018.

The software giant is holding the event ahead of its planned new console launch later this year.

Tech companies are increasingly asking employees to work from home and avoid travel amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

As the coronavirus goes global, we’re focused on bringing you the latest news and advice — as always.

Today’s major tech stories include Twitter and Facebook’s handling of a manipulated Biden video, Amazon’s selling of its cashier-less tech and Jack Dorsey’s staying on…

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