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iPhone push notification spam is about to get worse – Source

Apple has opened the floodgates to push notification spam with an update to its App Store review guidelines.

As spotted by MacRumors, the new guidelines allow third-party apps to send push notifications for marketing purposes. While Apple does say that users must have “explicitly opted in” to these messages, and that developers must provide an opt-out method within their apps, the previous guidelines didn’t allow for push notification marketing at all.

It might be a while before we see how this plays out for users, but don’t be surprised if your iPhone apps suddenly start asking if they can notify you about discounts and promotions. Should you approve of these requests, your iPhone will probably get a lot noisier.

Why would Apple do this? The charitable explanation would be that apps have legitimate reasons to use push notification marketing. You might want to know, for instance, when a game you like has dropped prices on in-app purchases, or when one of your favorite apps has…

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