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Is 2022 the last hurrah for political ads on big platforms? – Source

2022 could be the year that the big internet platforms pull the plug on paid political advertising, some in political campaign circles believe.

In fact, Higher Ground Labs, which invests in progressive campaign tech companies, states it clearly in its 2022 Investment Thesis: “All large technology platforms will limit or outright ban paid political activities.” The thesis argues that voters are growing less persuadable by political messages from strangers that show up in their social media feed. “[C]ommunities are moving towards closed, trusted information ecosystems,” the document states.

From the tech platforms’ point of view, political ads may be more trouble than they’re worth. The ads contribute relatively little to the bottom lines of companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Google.

Twitter was the first of major social platforms to ban political ads, in October 2019. “We believe political-message reach should be earned, not bought,” then-CEO Jack Dorsey…

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