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Join meetings from Mac or Windows menu bars with Logi Tune – Source

For a quick way to view upcoming calendar events and join virtual meetings with one click, check out Logi Tune for Windows and Mac.

Ostensibly, Logi Tune is a free companion app for Logitech’s webcams and headsets, letting you adjust device settings through a button on your Windows taskbar or Mac menu bar. But that same app also has a handy agenda view for Google Calendar and Outlook, and doesn’t require any Logitech hardware to use.

Just install the app from Logitech’s website, then click on the “Agenda” tab at the top. After connecting your Google or Microsoft account, you’ll see a preview of any upcoming calendar events. The app also displays a one-click join button for virtual meetings in Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, and it will alert you just before the meeting starts. (Windows users should also consider dragging the app from the system tray to the taskbar so it’s always visible.)

If you’re a Mac user, Logi Tune isn’t your only option. Superpowered

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