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‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ is Netflix’s bet on a comic universe – Source fastcompany.com

When Netflix acquired the comic-book publisher Millarworld in 2017 for a reported $50 million to $100 million, Mark Millar, the company’s founder and president—as well as the author of titles such as Kick-Ass, Wanted, and Chosen—knew exactly what project he’d tackle first. “Our first priority was Jupiter’s Legacy,” he wrote in a blog post on Netflix’s site on Thursday, May 6, referring to his 2013 comic book about a multigenerational family of superheroes. He went on to say that he and his wife Lucy, the company’s CEO, “had flirted with the idea of a movie, but Netflix afforded us the chance to make this adaptation as big and deep as it needed to be.”

The result is an eight-episode first season that drops on Netflix on May 7. The moodily-lit, drama-action series stars Josh Duhamel as a middle-aged patriarch of a family of caped crusaders who deal with the kind of family strife normal people do: kids who…

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