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Kazakhstan has faster internet than Australia, report says – Source CNET Internet News


Australia’s internet is notoriously slow.  

Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images

Australia is a wealthy, advanced country, yet its broadband internet is curiously slow. After previously being ranked below Kenya, a new global internet index by Speedtest has Australia ranked 68th in the world. According to the index, Australia’s internet is more sluggish than Kazakhstan’s (64th), Kosovo’s (61st) and Montenegro’s (60th). This is despite Australia having a gross domestic product almost 10 times that of those three countries combined.

The US stopped short of cracking the top 10, with a ranking of 11. (Sweden, No. 10, had an average download speed of 131.13Mbps, very slightly above the US’ 130.79Mbps.) The UK came in at No. 45, about 3 Mbps faster than…

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