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Leadership lessons from Google and Alphabet’s X – Source

I’m entering year two of my second startup, this time as CEO, and I’ve been thinking a lot about best practices for starting and building a company. I spent nearly a decade working at Google and more than three years at Alphabet’s X, the moonshot factory. There I cofounded X’s first cybersecurity startup, Chronicle, before venturing out and founding Stairwell. Along the way, I learned some important management lessons and philosophies that continue to help me. 

1. Create unique culture 

Every CEO talks about having a strong culture and values; but to be impactful, they should be your guiding principles. A light that shows the direction when one isn’t clear. When I joined X, it reminded me of what Google was like when I joined in 2006. X had a sense of empowerment, a sense that it’s possible to actually change the world. When I launched Stairwell, it was with that same sense of purpose and optimism. We did so by defining our core values on day one, before we wrote a…

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