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Netflix’s bold bet on interactive TV adds trivia with ‘Cat Burglar’ – Source

Shortly after wrapping their 2018 choose-your-own-adventure film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, show creator Charlie Brooker and executive producer Annabel Jones were fed up with interactive content.

“[They said,] ‘We never wanna do this again,’” recalls Andy Weil, Netflix’s vice president of comedy and interactive lead. “‘It’s too hard. You get lost in it at certain points.’”

But two Primetime Emmy Awards and a windfall of audience praise later, and Booker and Jones had a different tone.

“When you see the magic trick roll out on this service and it’s beautiful and it’s seamless and it works, it’s kind of addictive,” Weil says. “It’s so much fun to see it and also to see people’s reaction to it when they play it.”

Booker and Jones’s latest interactive experience is Cat Burglar, a Tex Avery-style cartoon that pits petty thief Rowdy Cat against museum security dog Peanut in a heist full of hijinks. But instead of the audience controlling a branching…

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