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Let tech help you with your resolutions – Video – Source CNET Tech

This is CNET that and here’s how to use tech to help with your resolutions.
One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight.
A lot of people try to use exercise to achieve that.
However, nutrition plays a huge part in weight loss.
Check out apps like Lose it or My Fitness Pal.
Each help you log your food and see how many calories you are consuming.
You can set goals within the apps to keep you going.
Both apps are available for free, but paying for a subscription unlocks more features.
Another popular resolution is to learn a hobby or a skill.
If you really want to deeply learn something new, check out free online courses at or
Both features courses from accredited universities.
For example, EdX has a contract course from Harvard.
It requires about three to six hours per week of your time for eight weeks and it’s free.
In the case…

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