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Making AI accessible to every enterprise – Source

In the 1990s, the business world underwent a seismic shift with the advent of the internet. It changed the way companies did ever y thing from creating their products to selling them to consumers. These days, companies are poised on the edge of another massive transition toward artificial intelligence and machine learning. “AI is going to touch every company, in every industry, in a material way,” says Rodrigo Liang, cofounder and CEO of AI solutions provider SambaNova. “It’s going to be such a competitive advantage.”

Yet, AI and machine learning isn’t accessible to every company. In-house AI systems typically require large staffs and heavy investments in infrastructure, putting the technology out of reach for many organizations. Liang and SambaNova co-founders Kunle Olukotun and Christopher Ré rejected that resource-intensive approach, aiming instead to democratize AI with an extensible subscription-based machine-learning service platform that doesn’t require an army…

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