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Best free apps for remote work – Source

Fun fact about me: I love, love, love working from home. It is, quite simply, the best.

That’s one man’s opinion, though. You might also love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in the middle. Whatever the case, if you find yourself working from home on a regular basis, you absolutely, positively must add these four free apps to your remote-work setup.

Block background noise with Krisp

You’re on a Zoom call with your boss. The dog is barking. The baby is crying. Your anxiety level is nearing a fever pitch. In the words of every late-night infomercial ever produced: There’s got to be a better way!

Enter Krisp, a truly wonderful miracle of modern technology.

It’s an app that essentially acts as a bridge between your microphone and your communications apps—it works with more than 800 of them—and uses artificial intelligence to isolate your voice while blocking out pets, people, keyboard clacks, and more.

While some apps, like Zoom, have built-in background noise suppression, often…

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