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Meet the Redditors fighting 2020’s fake news war – Source

Robert Mercer invested in Cambridge Analytica, the company that became infamous for siphoning off Facebook users’ information to target political ads. The shady data firm worked for the 2016 Trump campaign and Leave.EU, a pro-Brexit group. The Trump campaign also employed Steve Bannon, the right-wing firebrand who also has ties to Mercer and claims Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage as a personal friend.

The links between the Trump campaign and the successful push for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union are just a few of the connections highlighted by an interactive project called WebOfLies that was first released in January. It’s reminiscent of follow-the-money graphics released by major news organizations in recent years, and it reports a web of connections between world figures such as President Trump, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, former Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix, and Russian intelligence agencies. But it wasn’t produced by a major news outlet….

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