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Mentoring benefits for the mentor – Source

Your schedule is full. You’re running around frantically, and you can’t find time to do it all. But there’s one more thing you can add to your plate to feel more fulfilled and more effective: mentoring.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but being a mentor can add to your sense of capacity. Why? Because we tend to perceive that we have more time when we’re making meaningful contributions. Mentoring pays dividends in this and many ways. But how do you do it well and make it matter most for you and others? The answers may surprise you.

Mentoring comes in many different forms

First, it’s crucial to know that mentoring comes in many varieties. As London Business School professor Herminia Ibarra wrote in Harvard Business Review, a connector or strategizer offers advice, coaching or suggestions for getting ahead in a more private relationship. A sponsor or advocate makes introductions and goes to bat for those they coach in more public forums.

Any of these relationships are suitable…

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