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Microsoft’s browser tool warns you about insensitive words – Source

Microsoft’s natural language AI researchers are among the elite in the tech industry, and their work is finding its way into Microsoft’s mainstream products in some unexpected ways. Its Editor function can flag insensitive or noninclusive speech in Word, for example, and now that same functionality can accompany you as you write tweets, Facebook posts, and emails as well.

All you have to do is download the company’s new Microsoft Editor extension, which works in either Edge or Chrome (it will be available in about a week). Then, if you’re dashing off a tweet and thoughtlessly use a gendered term like “gentleman’s agreement” or “policeman,” you’ll suddenly see a pop-up saying that a more inclusive term such as “unspoken agreement” or “police officer” might be better.

If you write, “We need to get some fresh blood in here,” Editor is likely to underline “fresh blood” and suggest “new employees” instead.

If you describe someone as a “disabled…

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