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Mine’s privacy service shows which businesses have your data – Source

But what happens if you’re not even sure which businesses have your information?

That’s where a startup called Mine comes in. The Tel Aviv-based company, which launched in January, combs through your old email messages to remind you where you’ve created accounts or agreed to receive marketing messages in the past. In many cases, it will also give you a link to click to dispatch a message invoking your “right to be forgotten” by a certain business, useful whether you want to protect yourself against future data breaches or just don’t want to hear from a certain company anymore. Those clicks generally trigger emails to the company in question, and users may need to interact further with those businesses to fully fulfill their requests. Mine reports thar it helped send more than 130,000 requests in less than a month of operation.

“We allow any person to discover his or her digital footprint,” says cofounder and CEO Gal Ringel. “Obviously companies fail to protect our…

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