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Mobile World Congress canceled, Essential Products shutting down MWC organizers cancel show as big companies bail on coronavirus fears Mobile World Congress canceled over coronavirus fears Silicon Valley continues losing people as costs rise, report says With MWC 2020 canceled, most new Android phones face a tough debut Facebook delays launch of dating feature in Europe amid privacy concerns Does Samsung's folding-glass flip phone beat the Razr? (The Daily Charge, 2/12/2020) Lyft's fourth-quarter earnings show $1 billion in revenue MWC 2020 phone event canceled because of coronavirus outbreak FTC orders Apple, Google, other tech giants to hand over acquisition info Galaxy S20 brings 5G to Samsung customers, whether they want it or not Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles will run 'almost all' old games, Ubisoft says – Source CNET Tech

Today’s major tech headlines include the cancellation of Mobile World Congress, the shutdown of Essential Products and Apple Pay forecasted to make up 10% of card transactions by 2025.

In an unprecedented move, the world’s biggest mobile conference won’t happen this year — and that could mean delayed phone launches.

The world’s biggest phone show has been called off as major tech brands around the world face delays in production, thanks to the new, deadly virus.

But the region is seeing employment growth, according to the nonprofit Joint Venture Silicon Valley.

Smaller handset makers rely on events like Mobile World Congress to get attention for their devices.

The social network had planned to release the dating service in Europe before Valentine’s Day.

We discuss Z hell out of Z Flip.

The ride-hailing company beats analysts’ estimates for the end of 2019, but profitability is still a ways off.

The world’s largest mobile show is taking a break this year as many of its biggest exhibitors…

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