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More screen time isn’t bad for you – Source

By Byron Reeves and Nilam Ram and Thomas N. Robinson–The Conversation4 minute Read

Scientific data, however, often fails to confirm what seems true based on everyday experiences. In study after study, screen time is often not correlated with important effects at a magnitude that matches the concerns and expectations of media consumers, critics, teachers, parents, pediatricians, and even the researchers themselves. For example, a recent review of over 200 studies about social media concluded there was almost no effect of greater screen time on psychological well-being. A comprehensive study of adolescents reported small effects of screen time on brain development and no relationship between media use and cognitive performance. A review of 20 studies about the effects of multitasking with media–that is, using two or more screens at the same time–showed small declines in cognitive performance because of multitasking but also pointed out new studies that showed the opposite.


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