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Most hopeful tech developments of 2021 – Source

Welp, 2021 is nearly behind us. And if you ask me, it wasn’t quite the about-face from 2020 we’d been hoping for. It wasn’t as rough as last year. But it was still kinda rough.

But! Dogged optimists that we are, we refuse to be cowed by doom-saying, humbuggery, and fashionable cynicism. So we’re delighted to present you, dear readers, with five tech-flavored things from the past year you can feel unequivocally good about.

1. A flotilla of plastic-eating ocean cleanup robot boats is coming ????

Every ocean has a junkyard. These floating trash collections are formed by currents that collect all manner of flotsam into little eddies where the trash swirls around on the surface. Or in the case of the “great Pacific garbage patch,” not so little. It’s actually two patches – one on each side of the Pacific – and, in total, twice the size of Texas. (That’s three times the size of France, for those on the metric system.)

Enter Jenny: an aquatic trash collection system…

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