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How to use Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant to be your – Source

Most people try their voice assistant for a few simple tasks—asking Siri the weather, or Google a random factoid—but don’t dive much deeper. Maybe it seems too complicated, you’re worried about privacy, or you just feel weird talking to yourself.

This is where I was a few years ago. But during the pandemic, with more time at home, I started to use voice for more tasks. I found it helpful ergonomically—voice gave my eyes, fingers, back, and neck a break from straining over my computer while working from home. It also saved me time with my to-do list while on the road, even helping my wife and I keep our son, and ourselves, entertained.

Whether you drive a lot, have your hands full caring for a child, need a break from hunching over your computer, or just love the sound of your voice, we’ve put together a one-stop guide on integrating voice assistants in your life, with suggestions from me and other Doisters on how to save time, get productive, and have fun using them. With…

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