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Most productive Google calendar features for hybrid work – Source

Remote and hybrid work used to be edge cases. They’re not anymore, and major software is changing to reflect that.

Google Calendar, for example, is adding features specific to the transition to remote and hybrid work. The ability to set your work location and split your workday into pieces are both recent changes that reflect the reality of this decade (and the decade to come). When and where you work are more flexible now; Google Calendar is now flexible enough to match that.

Here are a few Google Calendar features every remote and hybrid team should try.

  1. Set your work location.
  2. Split your work hours.
  3. Broadcast your out-of-office time.
  4. Make Zoom the default video app.
  5. Create focus time.

1. Set your work location

Hybrid work means you’re in the office some days and at home on others. This flexibility is great but can make scheduling in-person meetings a bit of a headache—unless you know who will be where when. This is why Google Calendar now has a work location feature.


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