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Netflix and Disney’s growing challenge: streaming mercenaries – Source

Recently, I canceled my subscription to Disney+, the streaming service, a little less than four weeks after signing up. This was not a rash decision, but a calculated one. I only joined to watch one thing (the much-hyped Beatles documentary Get Back) and knew I would quit before getting billed for a second month. Moreover, I already knew I wasn’t so into the basics of the Disney+ catalog—because I did this same join-and-quit exercise 18 months ago, to watch Hamilton. 

It turns out that this behavior isn’t unusual. In fact, the rise of mercenary streamers—who join a service to take in a single high-profile series or movie, then promptly quit—has become a headache for players in the ultracompetitive streaming-video-on-demand business. Traditionally, one of the attractions of a subscription model has been signing up customers who passively stick around, absorbing fee hikes out of sheer habit. But consumers are changing. And increasingly, the streaming wars aren’t just…

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