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New details on Qualcomm’s 5G VR prototypes: Cloud rendering, eye tracking, high-res displays – Source CNET Computer News


Qualcomm’s 5G VR and AR reference designs: 5G headsets could arrive later this year.


Standalone VR headsets like last year’s Oculus Quest are impressive, but the next generation of hardware that looks to push far past that. Blazing-fast 5G networks are what new smartphones are using to show off crazy download speeds, and the potential on future VR and AR headsets is even greater. Qualcomm has some new details on its 5G VR reference designs, showing off a VR/AR future that’s 5G-enabled, but it could be another year or more before seeing the impact in something you’d actually want to buy.

Qualcomm makes nearly all of the chips that power current standalone VR and AR headsets (like the Quest or Microsoft’s HoloLens…

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Source CNET Computer News

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