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New version of Slack aims to turn newbies into power users – Source

When Tamar Yehoshua started a new job in early 2019, she faced a challenge: she’d never used Slack, and her new coworkers lived in it.

As she got up to speed, colleagues helpfully steered her through the parts of the workplace collaboration service that were less than intuitive. “I don’t think I would have gotten as good at using Slack if I didn’t have people next to me telling me, ‘Oh, you should try this setting, you should use this feature over here,’” she remembers.

Unlike most Slack newbies who feel a tad disoriented, Yehoshua was in a position to do something beyond patiently puzzling it out. A Google and Amazon veteran, she was acclimating herself to Slack because she had joined the company as its chief product officer. And Slack knew that it had a lot of users like Yehoshua—folks who would be more productive in the service once they understood everything that it could do.

Now Slack is rolling out a new version designed with approachability in mind. The redesign…

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