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Newsmax is betting on cord cutters to help it beat Fox News – Source

You wouldn’t know it by looking at cable TV ratings, but Fox News has a big problem on its hands.

While the conservative news giant enjoyed record Nielsen ratings in November thanks to the presidential election, its dominance is now being tested by Newsmax, a scrappier competitor that’s had fewer reservations about questioning Joe Biden’s victory. That stance has earned the channel praise from Donald Trump, rumors of an acquisition or investment by Trump allies, and a flurry of stories examining Newsmax’s ascent in the TV news pecking order.

Most of those stories point out that Newsmax is still well behind Fox News’s Nielsen ratings. What they miss, however, is that Newsmax doesn’t need more cable viewership to dethrone its rival. While Fox News’s ratings surge occurred entirely within the confines of pay TV bundles, Newsmax has millions of people tuning into its free online live streams, which don’t require a cable package. While questions remain over Newsmax’s…

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