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Online therapy apps can help you cope with coronavirus outbreak – Source

Perhaps you, like me, are feeling a bit of anxiety over the coronavirus outbreak. I spent the weekend repeatedly checking my temperature even though it remains a cool 97 degrees. Whether you are concerned about contracting COVID-19, having a hard time being alone, worried about your family, spiraling over the general state of the world, or you just need to talk to someone, there are lots of remote therapy apps that can help connect you with help.

If you do not already have a therapist, here is a list of online services that may help you in moments of panic.

  • Talkspace is perhaps the most well-known text-based digital therapy company. The service can pair you with one of its online therapists and offers text-based communication, audio and video messaging, and live video sessions. Prices range from $65 per week to $99 per week depending on communication mode. Talkspace does take some forms of insurance. One thing to note: While video therapy has proven to be nearly comparable to…

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