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OptiBP measures blood pressure from your phone The all-digital… – Source CNET Tech

Measuring blood pressure is crucial in managing a range of medical conditions. The OptiBP app from Biospectal claims to measure blood pressure in 30 seconds just by placing your finger over your phone’s camera.

A digital gaming table, CNET’s Next Big Thing and an obscenely expensive bathtub: It all happens on CES Day 2 and you can follow along on CNET’s livestream.

As CES begins on Monday, Jan. 11, CNET will be showing a full day of press conferences and product reveals from names like Sony and Samsung, along with expert commentary by our editors and hosts.

Commentary: It’s increasingly clear these companies aren’t trustworthy moderators.

Social networks are still struggling to slow the spread of online lies.

The social network says it took the rare action “due to the risk of further incitement of violence” after a deadly riot on Capitol Hill.

This week’s major tech headlines include four intelligence agencies confirming the Solarwinds hack as likely Russian in origin, Samsung’s new…

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