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Parler shoots to the top of the App Store after Trump loss – Source

In the days following Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump in the election, the conservative social networking app Parler has vaulted to the top of the download charts in both Apple and Google’s app stores. The app, which was founded in 2018 as a “non-biased free speech” alternative to Twitter, has pitched itself as a haven for conservatives who are frustrated with content policies on Twitter and other social networks.

With many GOP’s leaders refusing to recognize Biden’s win and an unfounded disinformation campaign to undermine the election’s results by claiming voter fraud continuing to circulate on right-wing media, Parler was perfectly positioned to take advantage. According to a post on the platform by CEO John Matze, the app has gained two million users as a result. The huge influx has also led to a host of glitches and slow load-times—Matze also urged patience from users as the app’s engineers play catch-up.

Parler first experienced a surge of…

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