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Passwords are terrible for security, and AI can help – Source

The rise of mobile devices in the workplace and companies’ accelerated move to the cloud has opened up a myriad of ways for us to access our virtual workspaces. But as entryways into businesses proliferate, so do more opportunities for digital break-ins. This is why security in the post-2020 world must be redesigned to no longer rely on the construct of trust and traditional forms of authentication such as passwords.

Moving forward, no sign-in should go without suspicion. Instead, we must turn to artificial intelligence to scrutinize digital identities and behaviors in order to verify them.

Today businesses are being called to secure shapeless, collaborative environments, where hybrid and multi clouds prove more resilient and reliable than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. That requires technologies such as AI that can be just as fluid as the times and circumstances we’re living in.

Further complicating the challenge of keeping an organization’s resources and data secure, the…

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