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Planned Parenthood let Facebook track when I logged my period – Source

Facebook knows every time I work out. It knows that I’ve considered a health savings account, bought prescription skincare, and done way too much research about psychedelics and mental health. And for a while, it also knew every time I logged my period on Planned Parenthood’s Spot On app.

That’s according to my “off Facebook activity,” a lengthy list of all the companies that allow Facebook to track my interactions on their websites and apps in order to send targeted advertising. When I downloaded it a few weeks ago, it included some 65 health-related apps and websites that let Facebook know when I’m interacting with their products and services.

Some of this data was innocuous, such as that I visited the websites for American Cancer Society or Stanford Medical Center. But companies using Facebook’s advertising tools also share much more personal information, sometimes unknowingly. For instance, Facebook knows that I registered and looked at products on, a site…

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