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Polling app NewNew represents the new class of social media – Source

As saturated as the market for social media platforms may seem, Courtne Smith, co-founder and CEO of the app NewNew, thinks she’s found a way in—and Snap, as well as investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, and Will Smith, would agree.

NewNew, which launched in September, allows users to create personalized polls and communities around certain topics. There are similar social polling apps like Wishbone, but NewNew has more dynamic uploads with video clips and GIFs as opposed to just static images. And while there’s the capacity to conduct polls on all the major social platforms, to Smith they’ve been “throwaway features”—and by NewNew digging deeper in the space, the app can find its own lane to contend in the crowded landscape.

“You can’t be building the next Instagram or the next TikTok or the next Snapchat—that’s not going to happen for you anymore,” Smith says. “It’s about building your own vertical and owning the vertical that you’re…

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