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Route app seeks to cure ‘Is my order going to arrive in time?’ anxiety – Source

The writing has been on the wall since the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a massive surge in online shopping: This holiday season is going to be a total mess.

In what many are referring to as “shipageddon,” the already strained ecosystem of merchants and delivery services will undoubtedly hit a breaking point with the final crush of holiday shopping and shipping. According to Adobe Analytics, online spending could soar as high as $189 billion this year, which represents 33% growth compared with last year. Marry that influx of orders to inclement weather, the COVID-19 vaccine taking priority among major couriers, and package theft on the rise, and a chaotic portrait of delays and incessant customer service calls comes into focus.

“Couriers flex as much as they can around the holidays, but they don’t really have the capacity to scale faster,” says Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg, chief commerce strategy officer at advertising and PR agency Publicis, North America, and who…

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