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Qualcomm unveils latest 5G Snapdragon chip Firefox just got a lot more private Schools are tracking kids and that raises all kinds of questions (The Daily Charge, 2/25/2020) Stitch Fix vs. Dia & Co.: Which clothing style box is best for you? These are the best clothing subscription boxes for 2020 3 great VPNs for Xbox in 2020 Facebook invests in diverse array of projects in mission to connect the world Norton Secure VPN vs. IPVanish: Speed, security and price compared Norton Secure VPN vs. NordVPN: Speed, security and price compared Squarespace vs. The battle for the best place to host your website Equifax, MGM Resorts and beyond: Every major security breach and data hack UK Google users to lose EU data protection due to Brexit – Source CNET Internet News

Qualcomm announces its new Snapdragon X60 chip. The new chip is designed to unlock performance of 5G across spectrum bands.

From The Daily Charge: The browser made default encryption that keeps internet providers from looking at your web searches

A look at how schools are using kids’ phones for tracking purposes and how Firefox wants to make internet browsing more private.

Dia is a dedicated plus-size styling service for women, but Stitch Fix has clothes for the whole family.

If you’re not sure which style service to try, read this.

Gaming can have a little privacy. As a treat.

From beaming internet to rural areas via satellites, to expanding Terragraph and laying fiber, Facebook is toiling away to get everyone connected.

IPVanish pulls ahead of Norton on price and flexibility.

It’s a battle of the VPN brands.

CNET compares the two of the most popular services for building and hosting your personal or business website.

We’ve started a running list, and the results are sobering.

The tech giant…

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