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Remote test software is an inaccurate, privacy-invading mess – Source

“Don’t make any sudden movements.” “Look directly ahead.” “Don’t speak.”

These commands sound like what you’d hear during an arrest, not during your finals, but they are actually just a portion of the rules that remote proctors police in the age of online testing. During the COVID-19 pandemic, automated and human overseers are peering into students’ bedrooms through an increasingly invasive array of academic spy tools.

2020 was already an awful time to try to learn, let alone prove yourself on high-stakes exams. The unequal playing field that defined academic testing prior to the pandemic has become even more distorted by the Silicon Valley goldrush to sell as much surveillance equipment to schools as possible—all in the name of thwarting cheating. According to our recent report, Snooping Where We Sleep, a majority of colleges and universities have started using this tech since the start of the pandemic. And now, social media is filled with horror stories of…

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