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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone – Source

When Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Z Flip folding phone in mid-February, it was upfront about the target audience: people who like to attract attention. And when I borrowed one from the company to try for myself, it took only 90 seconds for the Flip to live up to that aspiration. I’d just casually unfolded it for the first time in public on a busy San Francisco sidewalk when two passers-by rushed over to ask me about it.

“Is that the new Motorola?” one of them asked.

He’d mistaken the Samsung for the new foldable $1,500  Razr—introduced shortly before the $1,380 Flip, and its closest rival. But still.

On Twitter, I shared a photo of the Galaxy Z Flip—which I borrowed from Samsung and tried for a little over 24 hours—and asked folks what they wanted to know about it. Here, too, the device inspired curiosity, and so many good questions that I’m going to devote most of the rest of this story to answering them. Shall we?

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