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Senator Ron Wyden on election security – Source

In some ways, Oregon senator Ron Wyden’s office has acted as a de facto government watchdog for election-security vulnerabilities in everything from election software to voting machines to voting apps to social networks. After the Mueller Report showed that hackers had at least attempted to break into election systems in all states, election security has become the senator’s signature issue. When I spoke to him last week he had just come from the Senate floor, where Republican senators, led by Mitch McConnell, had refused, once again, to even discuss three pieces of election-security legislation. One of the bills had Wyden’s name on it. He was fired up.

Fast Company: When you proposed a discussion of your election-security bill today, was it again [Tennessee Republican] senator Blackburn who shut it down for the Republicans?

Senator Ron Wyden: Yes, Marsha Blackburn objected to both Senator Warner’s proposal and my efforts to pass the Securing America’s Federal Elections Act…

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