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Socializing while social distancing: Tech can help you get creative – Source CNET Internet News


Hanging out in Animal Crossing is just one way to be with your friends.

Katie Collins/CNET

Many of us around the world just survived our first weekend of proper social distancing — staying in our homes to avoid spreading coronavirus without venturing out for more than groceries or maybe a jog.

How did it go for you? I ask because I’m genuinely curious. The UK, where I live, is now on lockdown for at least three weeks, but realistically longer. As stay-at-home weekends become the norm, we’re going to have to adopt new behaviors and rethink how we interact with our loved ones in order to keep socializing.

Sure, you can FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and Houseparty with your…

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Source CNET Internet News

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