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Sony and Apple enter the war for the metaverse – Source

It would be easy to write off Sony’s unveiling of the PlayStation VR2 headset and controllers on Tuesday as just the latest move in a marketing campaign, meant to slowly build interest in the PS5 peripheral. And in many ways, that’s just what it is. But it’s also a sign that the battle for virtual reality (VR) supremacy is about to heat up once again—and the fate of the metaverse could be at stake.

VR’s not entirely essential to the metaverse, of course. You can visit Decentraland without a headset, for instance. But proponents have pushed VR technology as the best way to interact with others in the virtual world (none more loudly than Mark Zuckerberg, who just happens to own a VR company).

Sony had an advantage when it released the first PlayStation VR in 2016. The system was cheaper than the then-new Oculus Rift, didn’t require a high-end computer, and, while not wireless, was much less cumbersome than other VR headsets at the time. It also launched with game franchises…

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