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Space 11’s ‘Galactic Combat’ puts MMA fighters in orbit – Source fastcompany.com

“This is not just a show. This is a new sport—a new sport competition in outer space.”

So declares Andrea Iervolino, the founder of Space 11, an entertainment company dedicated to producing TV shows, movies, live events, and sporting events set in, yes, space. First up is a reality-TV series, Galactic Combat, that will follow 40 mixed martial arts fighters from around the world training to prepare for fights that take place in space—and thus without gravity. The show will chronicle their training for what Iervolino has coined MMA-Zero G fighting (the new sport). Thirty-two of the contestants will be eliminated during training, leaving eight to compete in the actual competitions.

Only the finalists will board a rocket ship and go into space, where the final fight will take place in the ship as it orbits the Earth for 90 minutes, which is the time it takes for a full trip around the planet.

The announcement of Galactic Combat follows a space entertainment theme that is starting…

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